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Domaine de Galuval is in the Rhone Valley between the village of Cairanne, the headland of Haut Vaucluse, and the village of Rasteau, a panoramic viewpoint for Mont Ventoux, the Dentelles de Montmirail and the Comtat plains.


Marked by ancient history with the presence of villas dating back to Roman times, Domaine de Galuval finds the roots of its name in the Latin words “Gallia” and “Eva” which mean Gaul and grape.


With some 49 hectares, the estate’s vineyard covers several appellations in the Côtes du Rhône such as Cairanne and Rasteau. Domaine de Galuval also enjoys different terroirs, from bright, sunny slopes to the terraces on the right bank of River Eygues.




The soils are tended and improved to encourage their vitality and preserve their freshness, essential in a dry Mediterranean climate exposed to the Mistral wind.
The methods used such as trellising for certain varieties, nipping off buds and green harvesting help reduce pest control inputs and are factors that affect the quality of the harvest. The healthier a grape at harvest, the more it naturally expresses the nature of its terroir.


To create wines that retain the natural strength of Grenache, whilst adding finesse and elegance vintage after vintage, we have an ambitious programme for restructuring the vineyard.


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The agronomic characteristics translated by the plots and parcels create many possibilities for different grape varieties. While the majority is Grenache Noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan have taken on a more important role in the blends from the estate.


Thanks to minimised manipulation during vatting, the wines produce fine tannins and bold aromatics. Vinified by grape variety and by plot, the wines are blended before ageing to generate good balance.

The blends are then aged a year in barrels and some in vats to strengthen the complexity of the wine through controlled oxidation, whilst avoiding an over-pronounced woodiness.

















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