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Galuval sarl, a company with a sole shareholder, with a capital of 100,000 euros registered with the RCS of Avignon 820 949 261, whose registered office is at Cairanne (84290), 1720 Route de Vaison (hereinafter the Seller), Intracommunity VAT n ° FR44820949261. Customer service open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm by phone 0972584053 or mail

Article 1: Scope and enforceability

Any contractual relationship between the Seller mentioned above and any Professional Customer, namely: wine merchants, restaurants, hotels, cafes, importers and distributors (hereinafter "Buyer") relating to Seller's wines (hereinafter " The Products "), is governed by the present general conditions of sale, to the exclusion of any other document. They constitute the basis for commercial negotiations in accordance with Article L. 441-6 of the Commercial Code. Consequently, the placing of the order or the request for services provided by each candidate purchaser entails full and complete adherence to the present general conditions of sale, and consequential waiver to avail of conditions derogating from the present conditions, except in written, express and prior agreement of the Seller. A copy of the present general conditions of sale is communicated with the Prices at the time of the order, appears on the back of the invoices of the Seller and will be given to any Buyer who will request it expressly. These general terms and conditions of sale come into force on January 1, 2017.

Article 2: Jurisdiction - Applicable Law

Sales and, more generally, all business relations between the Seller and the Buyer are governed solely by French law, to the exclusion, in particular, of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods. The French language shall prevail over any other translation to the case of dispute, dispute, difficulty of interpretation or execution of the general conditions of sale. Prior to any litigation, the Seller and the Buyer will make their best efforts to resolve this dispute amicably. The most diligent party shall notify the other party, by registered letter, of the reasons for the disagreement and communicate any documents it may deem useful. The Parties shall endeavor to reach an agreement within 30 days of receipt of the said letter. In the absence of agreement in the aforementioned conditions, the Seller and the Buyer agree to submit any dispute of any kind arising from the application, interpretation or execution of these General Conditions of Sale and more generally Execution or termination of their business relations, to the Commercial Court of Carpentras.

Article 3: Retention of property

THE SELLER MAINTAINS THE FULL AND ENTIRE PROPERTY OF THE PRODUCTS SOLD UNTIL THE EFFECTIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE PAYMENT OF THE MAIN PRICE AND ACCESSORIES, it being recalled, on the one hand, that the mere delivery of a title creating an obligation to pay, treats Or otherwise, does not constitute a payment within the meaning of this clause and, on the other hand, that default of payment of any of the payment dates stipulated between the parties gives the Seller the right to exercise the claim which To his right. In accordance with applicable legal provisions, and in particular Article L 624-16 of the French Commercial Code, these general conditions of sale govern all business relations and commercial transactions between the Seller and the Buyer and provide, To this effect, the present retention of title clause on the Products sold. This clause is enforceable against the Purchaser who accepts it. The foregoing provisions shall not preclude the transfer to the Buyer of the risk of loss or deterioration of the goods subject to the delivery of the Products and during the time of their carriage unless this has been stipulated "free". Retention of title. Until the price has been paid in full, the Purchaser is obliged to individualize the Products purchased and not to mix them with other Products of the same nature from other Sellers. In case of seizure, or any other intervention of a third party on the Products, the Purchaser must imperatively inform the Seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt without delay in order to allow him to oppose it and to preserve its rights . The purchaser further agrees that, as long as the price of the Products has not been paid in full to the Seller: (a) to pledge or transfer the property as security; (B) proceed with their resale; (C) to make any alteration, modification or alteration. If the Purchaser fails to comply with this commitment and resells the Product prior to the payment of the price, he undertakes to inform his own sub-buyer customer of the property rights of the Seller on the Product. The Seller may request the return of the Product to the Purchaser and therefore claim the latter. In addition, the Seller may, in accordance with article 2372 of the Civil Code, defer its right of ownership over the claim of the Purchaser in respect of the sub-purchaser customer or the insurance indemnity subrogated to the Product.

Article 4: Commands

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the order made by the Buyer with the Seller or its representative becomes firm and final only if it has been the subject of an acceptance, itself firm and definitive expressed by the Seller, and within the limits indicated, if necessary, by the act expressing such acceptance. Any additional order, such as requests for dosage or analysis report, constitutes a modification of the initial order and will require the agreement of the Seller and the acceptance of the supplementary estimate by the Purchaser. Failure to accept this additional order will have no effect on the original contract to be executed. The Seller reserves the right to subordinate the acceptance of the order to the concomitant payment of an advance of which the amount is at least equal to 50% of the price TTC of the Products ordered. The payment of this deposit, when it takes place, is mentioned on the order form given to the Buyer.
4.2 Unless otherwise agreed, the benefit of an order is personal to the Purchaser and can not be transferred. The Purchaser may not cancel or modify his order, unless the Seller has agreed in advance. In this event, the Buyer, in addition to assuming compensation for any damages sustained by the Seller, any deposits paid will remain with the Purchaser who will pay the full price of the order. In case of force majeure, the Seller will have the option to cancel all or part of an order. In this case, the Buyer will obtain the refund (in the form of a credit) of the Products ordered, being the object of this cancellation.
4.3 The Seller reserves the right at any time to modify its Products and / or services and even to suspend the distribution of said Products or the provision of certain services, provided that such modifications do not affect the substance of the goods Sold and are limited to the replacement of Products with equivalent characteristics. The Seller may make a total or partial reduction of the order depending on the available Products. No returns will be accepted without our prior written consent, unless the Seller has erred.
4.4 The Customer is fully informed that all the Products ordered from the Seller are subject to the usual tolerances and inherent to a biologically living product, such as wine, which evolves over time
4.5 Unless expressly agreed in advance, all orders must be for a minimum quantity determined by the Seller's pricing conditions. In case of order abnormally high compared to the stocks available or the supplies usually requested, the Seller reserves the right to refuse to deliver a part of the order or to modify the execution. In this case, no penalty may be demanded by the Purchaser.
4.6 The contract of sale is formed and perfect between the Seller and its Buyers from the confirmation by the seller of the order sent by the Buyer. The formation of the contract entails the transfer of ownership (subject to the provisions of article 3 above) and the risks on the Products, whatever the type of sale: sale by weight, account or measure ; Sale to charter; Sale in block. Consequently, by the mere fact of placing an order the Purchaser expressly waives the benefit of Articles 1585 to 1587 of the Civil Code.

Article 5: Delivering Products

5.1 Unless otherwise agreed, and except for the minimum quantities ordered as indicated below, the delivery of the Products ordered by the Buyer is carried out in the territory of Metropolitan France by their removal by the Buyer from the Seller's premises And shall be effective as from the loading of the Products or from the moment they are made available if the Buyer and / or his carrier do not proceed to the reception at the agreed dates and locations.
5.2 Unless otherwise agreed, Incoterm "EXW" ("ExWorks") or Galuval sarl 1720 Route de Vaison, Cairanne (84290), as provided for in the INCOTERMS® 2010 Rules or any subsequent publication applicable at the time of Acceptance of the order by the Buyer, applies to all sales of the Seller outside the territory of Metropolitan France (DOM-COM, Community and international sales).
5.3 Except in cases of force majeure, the normal delivery time in metropolitan France is twenty (20) working days from the availability of the Products ordered in the Seller's stock or that of the service provider to whom it has been entrusted. The delivery time in any other place, which depends on elements outside the Seller's control, varies according to the destination. It is indicated to the Purchaser at the time of the order taking. Delivery times are given as an indication and subject to availability of production, transport or any other event not attributable to the fault of the Seller. If this period is exceeded, the Buyer can only ask the Seller to refund the cost of the delivery if the latter has been invoiced, without ever being able to request the cancellation of the sale or the award of damages .
5.4 The removal of the Products must be carried out on the whole of the purchased volume within the limits of the contractualized deadlines. In the absence of removal on this date, or the possibility of delivery by the Seller by the Buyer, the Seller reserves the right: (i) to effect the resolution of the contract by sending the letter Recommended AR and sell the Products to any other customer of his choice, with any outstanding deposits remaining vested in the Buyer, in addition to any damages that may be claimed, or (ii) have the contract executed. In any case, the storage of the Products beyond this period will be invoiced by the Seller to the Purchaser on the basis of one hundred [100] euros per day of delay.
5.5 The products are delivered in a standard packaging, namely: pallet 80cm x 120cm. Any other request will be considered specific and will be the subject of a preliminary estimate. These pallets are made available to the Buyer only for the duration necessary for the delivery of the Products, to be used in the sale of the Products, and in his custody and responsibility from the issue of the Products . The Purchaser agrees to: (i) keep the pallets as is, (ii) not make them available, exchange or transfer them, (iii) return them as they are Number and quality) to the Seller at the time of next delivery of Products and in any event within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the date of issue. Any financial burden of any kind whatsoever that the Seller should bear if these obligations are not respected by the Buyer will be invoiced to him, in addition to the damages in compensation for any damage sustained by the Seller that the buyer engages To be assumed.

Article 6: Risk transfer

The transfer of the risks relating to the Products removed by the Buyer is effected by their physical delivery. The transfer of the risks relating to the delivered Products takes place under the conditions of carriage contractually stipulated at the time of placing the order, under the following conditions: In the case where the delivery has been stipulated "free", the Products travel at the risks And perils of the sender. In all other cases, and in particular if the carriage has been stipulated "departure", they travel at the risks and perils of the Buyer to whom it belongs, in case of damage or missing: a) to verify, at delivery , The number of cartons, containers or packages, to unpack the Products in the presence of the delivery person, to check with him the conformity of the delivery to the order, to establish with him details of the missing eventuality, to indicate on the receipt d (B) confirm such reservations by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the carrier and the Seller within three (3) days after the receipt of the shipment, ) Days after the receipt of the Products, it being specified that any missing, damage or loss related to the transport will be the sole responsibility of the carrier. In addition, claims based on apparent defects or non-conformity of the Products delivered, the Products ordered or the packing slip, and more generally those relating to the quality of the Products, must be formulated by registered letter within eight (8) days after delivery of the Products. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in the Buyer losing the right to return the Products. It shall be for the Purchaser to provide any justification as to the actual defects or anomalies found, or the alleged qualitative defects. He shall leave to the Seller all facility to make their finding and remedy it. He shall refrain from intervening on his own or from involving a third party.

Article 7: Price

The selling price of the Products is that in force on the day of the order. Unless expressly stated otherwise, prices are inclusive of all taxes, VAT included, without discount for prepayment, excluding delivery and excluding transport costs. The sale price of the Products does not include the costs, taxes, excise duties, customs duties, other services in application of the French legal or regulatory obligations or those of an importing country or country of transit, costs incurred by The use of an international means of payment which are borne by the Buyer. The Seller reserves the right to offer the Buyer discounts (quantitative, range, groupage or other), subject to compliance with the provisions of Article L. 442-6, II, of the Commercial Code. In this case, the order form must include a statement, affixed by the Seller, indicating the amount and the modalities of the delivery that it consents. The catalog prices or prospectus may be modified by the Seller without prior notice, provided that the Buyer is informed before the sale is concluded, within the limits of available products. The prices shown on the order acknowledgments are firm and non-revisable.
When the delivery is made by the Seller, the cost of transport related to this delivery is invoiced at the price of the Seller in force at the time of the order; When the delivery is carried out by a third party designated by the Seller, the cost of transport is passed on to the purchaser at the tariff charged by the said service provider and which the Seller informs the purchaser at the time of the order.

Article 8: Payment of the price - Billing

8.1 The invoice shall be delivered to the Buyer upon completion of the sale, provided that in the case of successive deliveries of Products which may be regarded as dependent on the same legal transaction, the sale shall be deemed to At the time of the last of these deliveries, and the invoice then issued will summarize the items appearing on each voucher that accompanied each of these deliveries.
The Products are payable at the registered office of the Seller, by check or transfer. Payment, which refers to the actual making available of the funds and not merely the delivery of a security creating an obligation to pay, must take place in cash on the date shown on the invoice and, unless expressly provided otherwise, Within 60 days of the date of issue of the invoice.
8.2 In case of late payment, the Seller may suspend all orders or services in progress, without prejudice to any other course of action, judicial or otherwise. Any amount not paid on the agreed date shall automatically entail: (a) the application of penalties in accordance with the provisions of Article L.441-6 of the Commercial Code, amounting to three times the amount of the " Legal interest, as it will result from its last publication; (B) the lump sum indemnity for recovery costs of forty (40) euros will otherwise be applied, except that a higher fee may be justified by the Seller; (C) the obligation of the defaulting Buyer to pay to the Seller, as a penalty clause, for each period, not divisible, of thirty (30) Days, an amount equal to ten per cent (10%) of the selling price excluding taxes; (D) the suspension, without any formality of any kind, of any order previously accepted by the Seller until full payment of the prize and penalties due; (E) the forfeiture, without any formality whatsoever, of the benefit of any delay or ease of payment, which the Seller has previously granted by act derogating from the present conditions, this forfeiture resulting, in the case of a payment The immediate and informal payment of all sums due without previous formal notice or other formality. In addition, in case of non-payment, eight (8) working days after a formal notice remains unsuccessful, the sale will be canceled as of right if it appears to the Seller that he may request, in summary proceedings, the return of the Products without prejudice to All other damages. Buyer
8.3 Any deterioration in the Purchaser's credit and, more generally, any modification, whatever the origin, of the Buyer's situation, may justify the requirement of specific guarantees and / or payment terms, Or even the Seller's refusal to act on orders made by the Buyer. The claims made by the Buyer are in no way liable to postpone the payment of the order to which they relate. Any deduction and / or compensation is expressly excluded, unless expressly agreed to by the Seller.

Article 9: Use of Products

In view of his professional status, the Purchaser shall be solely responsible for the choice, storage and use of the Products acquired by him from the Seller. As such, he declares to be perfectly informed of the characteristics, evolutions of the Product and to have been able to obtain all the necessary precisions concerning their packaging, storage conditions and consequently having proceeded to their acquisition and use in full knowledge of the facts. The Purchaser acknowledges being able to advise its own customers as a good professional.

Article 10: Recall / Withdrawal of Products

In the event of a mandatory recall or suspension of the sale of the Products, claims, injunctions of the administration and / or consumer or third party actions concerning the Products or other competing products of the same category, In particular defects affecting the packaging or even the Product itself, the Buyer undertakes to inform the Seller without delay, to assist him and to take all concerted measures with him to face this situation and thus preserve the reputation of the Seller and consumer health. Any withdrawal or recall of Products must be previously and expressly accepted in writing by the Seller.

Article 11: Warranty of Products sold

11.1 Regardless of the duration of the warranty, the starting point for warranty of the Products sold is the date of delivery to the Buyer, as shown on the invoice given to him or on the transport voucher. In all cases, the guarantee provided by these general conditions is personal to the Purchaser and can not be transferred to a third party, except heirs and assigns, without the prior written consent of the Seller. The guarantee is valid throughout France. The guarantee of the Products sold, which are of fair and marketable quality, is that fixed by the provisions in force, bearing in mind that the wine is a biologically living product and that evolves over time.
11.2 The following are excluded from the warranty due by the Seller: • defects, deterioration or alterations to the Products and / or their containers, caused by unnatural wear, by an external accident (improper storage, abnormal use, shock, ) Or by intervention on the Products of a person not authorized by the Seller, whether it is a third party or the Buyer himself; • damage or defects resulting from unhealthy predispositions of wine; • damage or defect resulting from the Buyer's fault, negligence or fault in the preservation or handling of the wine, contrary to the indications given to him by the Seller; • damage caused directly or indirectly by war (foreign or civil), acts of terrorism, sabotage, strike, riot, popular movement, floods or other irresistible natural events, as well as those resulting directly or indirectly Indirectly from explosions, heat releases, irradiations, radiation or other similar occurrences, unless the Buyer provides proof that the damage suffered by the Products is not exclusively due to one of These causes; • apparent defects for which the Purchaser has not made the reservations provided for in Article 6; • damage due to default or delay in delivery, missing or damaged; • damages related to the inadequacy of the Products to the Purchaser's needs; • damages resulting from the total or partial non-fulfillment of any of its contractual obligations if this non-performance is due to a case of force majeure or other unforeseeable event having the effect of delaying or preventing the execution of the contract contract. 11.3 In any event, Seller's civil liability (non-conformity, latent defects, etc.) from all causes, with the exception of personal injury and gross negligence, is limited to a sum capped at the amount of Shall be collected in respect of the Products in dispute. Should liability arise under Articles 1386-1 et seq. Of the Civil Code (liability for defective products), the Seller shall not be liable to pay damages in the event of Prejudice resulting from damage to property not used by the Purchaser primarily for his private use or use (as will be the case for use in the course of his professional activity).

Article 12: Intellectual property

Buyer shall resell the Goods as is. The Purchaser shall not acquire, modify or exploit, directly or indirectly, the designs, models, trademarks, distinctive signs and more generally any intellectual or industrial property rights of the Seller.
The Buyer undertakes not to deposit, directly or indirectly in or outside the territory, any of the trademarks, trade names and other distinctive signs belonging to or resembling the Seller, nor incorporate them , Even partially, in its name or in one of its distinctive signs or domain name.
The Purchaser agrees to inform the Seller without delay of any infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Seller in the territory, brought to his knowledge. The Buyer undertakes to do its best to assist and assist Seller in protecting itself and acting against such infringements.
Any exploitation, production, modification and more generally any use contrary to the aforementioned rights at the disposal of the Seller, will give rise to any action, at the choice of the Vendor, both civil and criminal in order to stop these behaviors and to repair the damage suffered.

Article 13: Image of the Seller, its partners and artists

The Buyer shall refrain from any direct or indirect use, in any medium whatsoever, of: (a) the Image of the Seller, its partners and / or artists who have participated in or are assisting in the development , Packaging or promotion of the Products and in particular the surnames, surnames and images of the latter, linked or not with promotional, professional or advertising actions (photographs, videos, interview); (B) any direct or indirect references to the films in which they appear (names, images, characters and roles interpreted by the latter, title or music of the film). The Buyer is only authorized to use the documentation and the materials communicated to it which are approved by the Seller.

Article 14: Privacy

Buyer hereby expressly acknowledges that information of any kind communicated to him and / or to which he may have access under contracts with the Seller: commercial agreements, tariffs, commercial strategy, know-how, methods, Brands, picture; Financial information, unpublished accounts relating to the Seller, or any person directly associated with the Image of the Products; Are of a secret and confidential nature (Confidential Information), and this excludes information of a public nature. The Purchaser therefore undertakes not to disclose the Confidential Information to third parties under any pretext or in any form or form, to protect and keep them confidential by granting them the same level of care and protection as It grants to its own information of equal importance and to take any useful measure to prohibit the disclosure, directly or indirectly, of the Confidential Information to any person other than its corporate bodies, employees or collaborators; The latter must themselves be bound by a confidentiality undertaking. The Buyer undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with this obligation of confidentiality throughout the term of the contract and ten (10) years after its expiry, and is strongly obliged to comply with this obligation by All of its employees and / or any third party intervening in its act. This obligation is an obligation of result.

Article 15: Derogations

No act or undertaking accepted by the Seller or its representative may be interpreted as constituting or derogating, even partially, from the present general conditions of sale, unless it bears a mention expressly and unequivocally The seller's firm willingness to waive the terms of these general conditions of sale.

Article 16: Third party intervention - Opposability

The Seller shall never be liable or liable as a result of the conduct of a third party to whom it has entrusted a service in connection with a sale concluded in accordance with these general terms and conditions of sale or a possible limitation Or exclusion from liability incumbent upon the purchaser and from which the third party would benefit or avail himself, or the non-performance of any part of the obligations placed on him, the purchaser of which would have been or would be the creditor.

Article 17: Tariff

These general conditions of sale refer expressly to the tariff displayed at the point of sale and practiced by the Seller on the date of their entry into force.

Article 18: Modification

These general terms and conditions of sale, including the tariff to which they relate, are subject to change without notice by the Seller, which determines the time of entry into force of the new general or tariff conditions which replace it, Be assured of their opposability.

Article 19: Communication

Unless otherwise indicated, the Seller may refer to the Purchaser's reference, provided that it is limited to the enumeration of its name, its trademark, its corporate purpose, its activity and the sale executed By the Seller.

Article 20: Data collected

The information collected (personal data relating to the Buyer) by the Seller is necessary for the proper management of the Contract. The Buyer has the right to access, rectify, oppose and delete personal data concerning him by writing, by mail and proving his identity to: Galuval sarl, 1720 Route de Vaiqon, Cairanne (84290) ).
Or by email:

By accepting these General Conditions of Sale, the Buyer gives his consent to the use by the Seller of the personal data concerning him to process his order and to communicate to him the sales offers of the Seller for Products similar to those ordered by the Seller. 'Buyer.

The sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age is prohibited.
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